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Nov 26, 2014
Yes, FaceBook Again!
by: Anonymous

The fact is, many business owners who use FaceBook use it to improve their website presence, get leads and engage people with their offers.

They give FaceBook its strength and I am really getting sick of TV ads even from Arabic lands advertising a product and then link through the TV ads to FaceBook. You could see and hear repeatedly, follow us on FaceBook with a link to their pages.

You could see even agents of Fanta fresh juice and Coca-Cola in the Arabian peninsula do that, forget about small businesses to assume that they should be promoting their own websites.

But, there is another fact here, although Google + has registered more users than FaceBook, as Google + reached 1,600,000,000 users, while FaceBook is still 1,280,000,000, followed by Twitter at 645,750,000, the Chinese Qzone at 480,000,000 users and the Chinese Sina Weibo at 300,000,000 users.

The fact, which is connected to the outcome of such linking to FaceBook, or presence on it, is that FaceBook users tend only to do what they want to do at FaceBook, but not at other websites.

Assuming that FaceBook has just become something like a mode, or internet fashion, or a business model to follow, will lead us (if we think wisely) to know that every mode has a period to proposer and then disappear.

There are still many people who are not using FaceBook and FaceBook seems to fight hard to get those people and this, of course would never happen.

Many of FaceBook users are busy getting into chats, playing, or making other things than being interested in small businesses. So, this social media sucks potential visitors to small businesses websites.

If Google thinks wisely, they could throw it out of business, before it gets its search engine and knock Google out.

Google could do that by many methods, starting by dismissing links on FaceBook, or penalizing them.

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