Emotional Problems!

by Sujithra
(Bangalore Karnataka )

Sujithra wrote from Bangalore, Karnataka, India in a brief paragraph the following request:

Sir I'm Sujithra my dob is jan 13 1994 time 10:55am place of birth Bangalore I'm living in Bangalore only sir actually my problem is 2years back i got a call saying dat my guy expired but i couldn't believe dat sir so I contacted few astrologers they told he's alive but they r not telling when ill meet him so sir please tell me when ill meet him and will I marry him or not sir please reply soon sir and my guy's name is Sano (Dhananjay) dob is march 17 year and time i dono sir

Emotional Problems, Beyonce and Idris Elba Kissing in Obsessed

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Deepti Sharma wrote from Chandigarh the following short paragraph about her love problem:

Currently in affair with a boy who is my childhood friend after 23 years we r having affair from last three month we were thinking for marriage but two days back he said i ll not marry as you are not marriage material somehow ..so my question is should I try to make his opinion change or leav this relationship?

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Ajay wrote from India the following brief paragraph about his love problem with a classmate:

I have a crush on a girl who is my classmate.. but I haven't talked to her since I joined the school (2013).. we don't have any misunderstanding though.. now my school life is going to end.. after that I can't see her.. I just want to say my love to her.. but I feel shy and afraid coz she is always wibh her three friends… please tell me what to do.

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Emotional Problems, Beyonce and Idris Elba Dating Again After Marriage in Obsessed

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