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Feb 16, 2010
You Can Get Your Girl Back, If . . . (1)
by: Admin

You have not mentioned the reasons to fight each other and who began the quarrel? The reasons may explain it much and provide good resolutions.

Misunderstanding should not be the (base) as you have mentioned for fighting. It should be a ground for more understanding. Always be calm even if the situation is difficult. Being calm enable you to see the problem from different angle. You respond to it using your mind, not your emotions.

It is always good to resolve any problem patiently, than to start it with a quarrel. Love has no meaning if there is (fighting) between two lovers every time.

Your girlfriend was very clear from the start. She wanted clear vision of understanding to live happy with you. If you began the fight every time, then that may be too much for her to bear your misunderstanding.

When you made it the last time and fell on your knees begging for forgiveness, you became very small in her vision and she felt sin because she made you small.

Girls in that culture want their men to be strong and they become proud of them because they are strong. That does not necessarily mean to be aggressive or to force her. However, strong characters are preferred in such relations.

Do not feel guilty, though. Now there is a reason here for you to start all over again. Ask her for a meeting to say goodbye if things are not OK between you both. This will alert her that you may disappear from her life and make her feel sorry, because she took the matter that way.

Choose a suitable time and a place that reminds her of good times with you. When she goes there, she will feel better and begins to realize that, you have a new look and feel about what had happened.

I am reading these ideas psychologically here. Some experiments on situations that are almost relevant to yours proved this reading is good while treating those situations.

Continue love resolution at 2.


Feb 16, 2010
You Can Get Your Girl Back, If . . . (2)
by: Admin

Be calm, logical and romantic while talking to her. Express your good wishes to her and then try to point out your thoughts about kneeling in front of a pretty girl like her.

Express to her that any girl should take that as a gentle gesture from a gentleman to express his sorrow and deep real love. Then that girl could take his hand to raise him up and give him a hug expressing that good understanding to this behaviour.

All depends on the last words you have mentioned saying that she loves you very much and she wants you to do something, which can get her back. You know of course what pleases her in addition to those ideas on this post. Do it and get her back, but in strong love relation this time.

Remember to send me your blessing if this works for you.

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Mar 17, 2014
Show Her How You Care!
by: Anonymous

The thing is that it is only when you care about her, you get her attention always to stay with you. Caring is the shortest way to one's heart in normal emotional relation, such as friendship. So, when it comes to one you love, caring becomes essential to foster this love relation.

The romantic touches are very important from time to time to get out of the killing routine of life. Depending on what you know about her wishes and hopes and the things she likes, you could keep those romantic touches going to refresh you life.

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