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Dec 12, 2014
More Insights on How to Improve Your Life!
by: Khalid

You got the first doses on How to Use French Paintings to Improve Your Life, or how to use whatever to improve your life from the second page linked above and the fist page at French Paintings (site map 11 D). Let's continue the second page here to get you covered with important insights to use to improve your life.

After doing the search and research process, you should be focused on the narrow niche you want to build about French paintings, or whatever. The Choose It process gets you closer, but the CTPM process build that focused content, as explained on the second page.

Let's get deeper through the search and research. The term "French paintings" in the collected data should have insights to help you add a term to it. The new term you add should be of keyword values and it should specify something with the French paintings aded to the term.

French Paintings at
Pierre-Auguste Renoir's Roses

The new term should also have a message to the end user, or those who are looking for the specifics about French paintings. This could be applied to any other terms about other businesses. So, the process help you define the one you want, whether it is about French paintings, or other businesses.

This means that the process is unique to define and help building any small business, or some connected narrow niches.

For example the new term could be "all inclusive lessons", or just "inclusive lessons", or "inclusive anything" that you may find in the data. It could also refer to "French art from the inside", or " women", or "feminism". You got the idea.

This could be done with any other businesses, as the process of defining something within the term is the same.

French Paintings at
Marie Laurencin: Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel

While experimenting with the new term, you'll get to compose the full term, which makes your domain name. The other revenant search terms with the money included in them would be pages on your website to build the theme-focused content website about the topic.

Each of the pages should be keyword focused pages relevant to the first term you have searched, researched and collected its data. The data itself could be very helpful to build these pages. Connected pages with relevancy to the main theme makes the website strong and helps it drive free websites traffic, from which the money comes in. Well, you know how such income helps you improve your life :-)

Again, the wisdom behind this search is all explained through the improvement of website at:

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You'll get gifts when you forward, or write at the mentioned blogs above. The gifts show you exactly how to use one of your hobbies to build it a business on solid grounds, even if you were a student.

Then, you'll find that hobby generating income for you when you graduate, so you could continue with it to improve your life. You'll never need to work for a company.


French Paintings at
Raoul Dufy: Regates Dans le Port de Trouville

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