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Nov 27, 2014
How to Use Searches to Choose A Niche?
by: Khalid

First, you should examine the best of your hobbies, lifetime professional, or personal experiences to choose the best of them and then get the terms associated with the best hobby, knowledge, or passion in a list of keywords.

At the first step, you should have a tool to help you focus on one topic and choose it according to values each of the associated terms with the things that interest you in your hobbies, passion, or experiences.

When you get the values from the tool and decide on which topic/theme to continue with it, you need to do some searches for that theme by entering some of the keywords associated with it in the search engines boxes. Use Yandex and Baidu Searches, or Google, or Yahoo, or Bing. To make it easier use the search it tool.

Get the data on the result pages to study it. You'll see more relevant keywords and seeds of keywords. Then you'll know more when you go through the presented pages on the few page results (normally not more than 5 result pages).

See if there are some advertising at the top, right and bottom of the result pages. Read the advertising to see how the same keywords are used. Study the data to get more ideas and add any idea that comes to your mind to the list of keywords. Separate keywords from ideas.

Each of these relevant keywords to the topic/theme of your interest has both monetary and free traffic values. The first values help you onwards to attract free website traffic, when you build your theme a website and the second set of values help you monetize that website.

But, you want to choose the right niche from these searches.

That means, the niche should:

  • make sense to you and you know it in out,
  • interest good numbers of serious people,
  • easily to focus on it and write about it,
  • have not great numbers of competitors,
  • have money on each of its keywords.

Enter each of the search terms on the search engines to get more relevant keywords and seeds of keywords. Expand your list of keywords and organize it.

Think of a specific term of one word that you could add to the main keyword of the theme to make sense and values of it to the end user (e.g., interested people). Use the new term with the new word to search for it and collect the data. Study it and add you findings to the list.

The following step could involve a lot of work to start that niche, get the complete data of the niche to write about it, optimize it for search engines and interested people and build it to attract free websites traffic and make money from it. To facilitate it, you ought to have the tools to execute these jobs.

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