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Feb 15, 2010
Peace Be With You (1)!
by: Admin

I sent you an email asking for more information. I wish you peace and happiness.

Have anyone of you asked your parents why they refuse? Is there any reason your parents have mentioned for their refusal? If there is any reason, please be specific when you include it here in details.

Why they dragged you to Dubai since your lover is in India? Why your boyfriend is in India? What is his reaction to the refusal of the proposal?

Please always write in full details when you request resolution to your love problem. This will highlight it and may result in concrete guidance for both of you to follow to solve your love problem.

Such love problem happens to many people many times. So, do not feel that you are totally upset by it. Let your emotions rest for a while and use your sense to understand the circumstances involved in this matter.

In stead, of only feeling the pain it reflects think of ways to get your parents understand you and think of the practical results of the refusal according to your situations.

It is only that when you know the reasons of the refusal, you can think better to discuss them together and find the best ways to address them together.

Read number 2.

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Feb 15, 2010
Peace Be With You (2)!
by: Admin

You don't need to act alone in such matter, of course. Let his reasons be strong than those of his parents or yours.

Sometimes, your strong unity in such matter solves the problem. Your parents will see that you are determined to stick with each other and they may rethink of their refusal, especially if it came without strong reasons to prevent your marriage.

However, in some cases, your unity may cause problems. So, be careful here.

Let me in the know by answering these questions.

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