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Feb 11, 2010
I Prefer Social Relations for this Reason!
by: Admin

This is also a way to show visitors how to reply to comments and how to rate them. I rated it by giving it five stars because it is my concern. However, after times it may get less than this rating.

I calculate the overall rating to see the popularity of this interest and decide if it could help me achieve my goals or not. I may even get through other comments how to achieve these goals. It depends on the overall input in this regard.

One of the most interests I have mentioned here attracts people to study social relations and then become social workers, leaders of social departments, secretaries of social relations in some firms, organizations and even ministers of social relations.

In the business field, any business demands stand solid on the base of social relations. Businesses build business relations upon the values of social relations.

In the internet medium, great social networks or social media or as they also call them social bookmarks, works on this concept to build free or even paid membership websites to get many people to interact with each other.

This huge business network begins from that simple concept. It uses it mainly not to get people to interact with each other, but to build solid base of Internet income through it. Evidences are clear in the volume of traffic this network brings to those businesses.

This thing that interests me and other people without doubts, help all those people discover some important techniques to use and benefit from this science.

To give your more ideas through some experiences I have that reflect the importance of social relations, I should see I use this interest in the media to do my work as journalist. You can go through it in Khalid Osman's Network and My Journalism Experiences. I used the same social relations to build an environmental network in the Horn of Africa, you can reach it through Environment Protection.

See how to build offline businesses and business relations:

Aerobics Classes| Auto Tune Up Shop| Bartering| Basket| Carpet Cleaning Services| Catering| Catering Services| Dance Schools| Dating Services| Dream Home| Flea Markets| Free Forex Signals| Freelance Photography| Garage Sale| Gourmet Gift Baskets| Guests| Home-based Secretarial Service| Home-based Typing Service| How to Produce Cable TV Spots?| Inventory Videotaping Business| Newspaper Clipping Service| Personal Improvement Seminars| Personal Sport Scorecards| Roommate Finding Services| Secretarial Service| Self Publish Book| Shopping Center Papers| Special Event Videos| Telephone Answering| Telephone Answering Service| Temporary Help| Temporary Help Service| Typesetting Business| Videotape Rental Store| Videotaping Ideas| Videotaping Service| Videotaping Weddings| Weddings Photography| Window Washing Services| Yearbook Help|

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Feb 11, 2010
Social Relations, Public Relations and Business Relations!
by: Anonymous

Continuation to "I Prefer Social Relations for this Reason!"

Although public relations and business relations are different from social relations, but after all the methods could integrate in the way the relations start using the common interest between them to reach that social prospect.

Well, at this level, social relations could touch also public relations and business relations and maintain the entire relations' field by some methods each of those sciences uses to reach that social prospect.

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Sep 09, 2014
How to Use the Social Media for Your Business?
by: Anonymous

The perfect answer to the question "how to use the social media for your business" is necessary, because many answers to this question serve to help the social media, primarily.

So, the first thing to do before getting your account at any social media is to write your business name, instead of your real name.


Because that name appears in the URL (website address) of that media. So, it is better to enter the business name there.

Why "Better"?

Because the social media has good presence through this URL in the search engines and when you enter your business name there, you get it the attention of the search engines. This would drive your business with its website up on the search result pages.

After that post to your walls updates from your business website. KEEP focused on the theme of your business, but never write everything there at the social media.

You want visitors to come from the social media to your website, so think of inciting, or sometimes enticing lines to drive the readers to read more at your website.

Don't get followers with the same theme your business is about.

Get news (somewhat) relevant to your theme from the worldwide known media channels to write comments in few lines about them.

This would make you an author with authoritative background on the topic and this is the first step of trust.

Don't waste your time at the social media, after building your lists of followers. Instead, search and get some methods to integrate their activities at your social media on your own website.

* See whether FaceBook traffic is a dream, or not at Is FaceBook Traffic A Dream?

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