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Oct 27, 2014
Making Money from Making Soap!
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to follow up and make sure you got my business proposition with regards to your website If you didn't then I have pasted the original email below. If you did and are just too busy, or uninterested in a partnership, that's fine too.

It is important for me to reiterate that I choose my partners very selectively and it would be a shame for you to miss out on this opportunity. This is my final email as I don't want to bother you. Kindest regards.

Hillary wrote, "This is a great and interesting article indeed, business consultation is very significant for the newly starting businesses in particular."

Geeta wrote from India, "Great website, O would like your readers to discover a totally unique ebook about a very interesting and very unique topic, no one ever thought of. The ebook outlines the principles of making money from making soap in simple and easy steps.

* Are you from India?

  1. Help folk in India get married and earn additional income at the same time at imaged above.
  2. Read about places in India and write about your favorite place at Any Beautiful City. It is a good idea t upload pictures from it.
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Nov 28, 2014
Everything Has Changed!
by: Khalid

* Somebody and all, thank you all for your entries. Many things have changed, since then, concerning the affiliates marketing. Where is paydotcom now?

We used adbrite when it started at this network. But, where is this company now?

We are not interested in affiliate programs other than the Ezine Acts Affiliate Programs, as many affiliate programs have emerged and then disappeared as a flash. Some of them proved to be scam of affiliate marketing and some of them make the money only for the company, but not for their affiliates. To get a clue read the Affiliate Marketing Lessons we studied through since 2001.

We only trust few affiliates programs we are using on this network and we are not looking for more than this. To choose an affiliate programs you should first be 100% sure of its credibility and transparency. Just do your home work by searching and studying the affiliate programs you want to join. There are many Affiliate Marketing Articles in this network to learn from.

* Geeta, making money from making soap in simple and easy steps is good idea. But, where is the ebook? Such business ideas could be great in building a theme focused website about the topic. The best of it is that you could research it and study it farther to determine the monetary values of it and other facts to building and optimizing a focused website on this topic.

We couldn't find any thing valuable to determine the values of such topic except in the Choose It tool and the CTPM process, as both of them build these values gradually and make the theme focused website strong to make money from making soap.

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