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Aug 24, 2011
Stick with Your Real Love!

You have no reason to look for another boy. It is possible that you were unsure because of your age.

We requested those who encounter love problems to submit full information including age, education, job, location to read the cultural backgrounds, and other relevant information to read the love problem well.

In any love relation, never expect your heart to lead you alone. There is always a balance made by your mind to lead your heart in the right direction. However, the relativity in this case depends on clear thinking and wise minds.

When true love comes, no one needs to look further for somebody else. People stick with each other when they discover their love is true. Your cultural background and society even prevent such behaviors. Moving from one to another, just to say.

How do you measure true love? That depends on many facts surrounding your daily behaviours with your partner, feelings, understanding, common interests and compatibility in everything.

To make your first boyfriend responsible and respond to your love the way you like it, lead the conversation towards the things you care about, love and know much of them.

Read also his thoughts and discover common interests to maintain. Do not be selfish thinking only of what you want. Know what he wants and respond to them ethically if his demands require any ethic.

Stick with your real love, think of ways to make this love prosper and end in legal manners under one ceiling.

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Mar 17, 2014
You Don't Love Any of Them!
by: Anonymous

If you loved the first one, then you will never look for the second. If you loved the second, you will never regret and feel your conscience biting you in any way.

My thought is that you don't love any of them. Sometimes, when we are in that age of fire we could be attracted to the most person we think of him, or her in an emotionally sexiest way and admire him, or her for that reason an along to get that pleasure, even sometimes secretly, if you live in a conservative society.

Love, however, is something rational. It doesn't depend only on sexual ingredients that raise our sexual appetite and suggest that we should follow to satisfy this appetite.

The senses are important of course. But, we tend to blackened them sometimes irrationally to satisfy our longing to have that sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure doesn't necessary mean the real act between two persons on the bed.

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