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HOA Political Scene - At HOA Political Scene, we publish news from the Horn of Africa in addition to researches and political analyses to the crises and the political development in the Horn of Africa.

We publish the analyses in Arabic and English to polish the political scene and disclose the policy of absenteeism practiced every day from decades to decades on the nice people in the area.

The political systems composed of dictatorship in most of the states, (except for Eritrea, to some levels) deceive the public by false democracies they try to create by sharing what they robe from the national treasury with other similar parties.

HOA Political Scene has also some projects, such as the cultural project, the humanitarian project and the political project. The cultural project includes the journalists project, the poets project and other literary projects.

The goals of these projects are to get literate people together and seek publishing opportunities to publish their works and to maintain a literary stream of production on the HOA Political Scene to serve the goals of orientation and education to change the conservative political views and revolutionize the people in the Horn of Africa.

Changes to the political deterioration in almost the entire area could not be achieved without the enlightenment we spread through the HOA Political Scene to free the people from dictatorship and get them together to serve the national and social goals of the area.

So, the cultural projects work in harmony with the humanitarian and political projects towards achieving equality, freedom, justice, prosperity and unity of the people of the Horn of Africa.

The humanitarian project combines some pages to support children, political refugees from the area and women through the refugees project and it highlights the difficult situations they live even in their new settlements.

The gender abuse with the inherited traditional differences between men and women are obvious to be the focus of the humanitarian network to address this matter and enhance the equality values between people from different genders.

The political project goes through good political reading to discover the combined cultural, economical educational and political problems of the region and highlights the real development it needs to build democratic revolutionary states to solve their political problems independently and then build a new revolutionary regional organization.

It includes the USHA and the USHA Framework, which run through the political project at the political website. The project includes the steps needed to get socialist people to work continuously to address the political problems in the Horn of Africa, including but not limited to dictatorship, economical deterioration and social deterioration.

There are some financial difficulties in this regard. However, concerned people need to rethink about it seriously, study the solutions and get united through the ambitious political project, if they really want to build strong social community in the region.

Political studies in this regard should be posted at the political website at HOA Political Scene. However, you could post other (non-political) comments here.


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