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Mar 01, 2010
Don't Be Selfish Like Him!
by: Admin

It maybe that people used to submit problems to be solved don't care, or forget to track the problems they wrote about to get them solved and this happens frequently. You haven't updated your problem providing the required information since the date the problem was published.

Luckily, we always do some updates the webpages on the network to make sure that everything is just as supposed to be and the links to the commentaries are updated.

You have started the problem yourself and accepted after that to go in relation with him. Don't betray your friend (the other girl). That is more bad than losing him.

He is also selfish from the way he looks to your friendship relations with other boys. If he cannot trust you, then he probably doesn't trust himself.

You have good values and confidence in yourself, so keep that intact and deal with him as somebody who only wants to take chances with girls, but not serioulsy interested in building a good relation that prospers in the future.

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Mar 16, 2014
Simplicity is Important!
by: Anonymous

Being simple and to the point is always important in any relation, not only love relations. See how you acted when you have first discovered that you feel something towards him and then instead of getting that to work by many ways, you helped your friend to get him.

What did you think at that time?

Why the first reaction was not right at all?

You could have saved yourself all the problem you are feeling now. I also agree that he is selfish and he wants to take chances on you. The best thing to do is to tell him about how this problem has happened from the start and explain that you were wrong and he is also wrong by going into that relation and then getting back to you and then distrust your relation with other boys.

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