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Mar 15, 2014
Get her Confident and Strong!

We sent you an email long ago to get back to us with some more information, so we could see this love problem better. As long as we haven't received your feedback, though you could make sure of some things to do.

First, the term of the love relationship is short. Take time to nurture it. You could get chances to connect with her and advise her to promise her parents that she'll not make this mistake again and she'll concentrate on her studies. Her parents thought it was a mistake.

Then, do your college work as better as you could to prove that you could build that future you dream of, be responsible to move with this love to the second level and then at that time try to convince her parents through some close people you think have good impressions on her parents.

Try to get her confident and strong by discussing the interclass problems and the family and inter-clans problems during this time and stress on that as intellectual people you have principles to remove these social barriers.

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