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Mar 11, 2014
Love Always Grows When there are Compatibility Factors!

How did you know she is in love with another person?

How does she act when you talk for many hours?

What is her reaction when she knew that you love her?

What do you talk about when you make telephone calls for many hours?

We always say it is better to write in details about your love relation and then explain the problem and the circumstances involved taking care of even the very small details.

However, since you are both employees in one company, you have the opportunity to know more information about her relationship with the other guy and know exactly if both of them are serious, or not. If they are serious and she really does love him, then there is not any chance to get her.

Be realistic. Real love happens always when there is compatibility and harmony between the two engaged persons. It also depends on other factors, such as mutual interests, points of view and literary and cultural integration.

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