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Wise Biz Marketing 49, Saturday, June 14th Edition, 2008

"Capturing Shadow Strategies to an Online Small Home Business Prosperity"
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¤ In This Issue of the Wise Biz Marketing 49:

* Renewed Network:
How to use videos and small niches platforms to prosper?
Links to read and follow the same steps to succeed.

* Business: Actions needed to support strong causes!

* Taking the Friendship Love to the Second Level!

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I hope that you are enjoying your time. This is the Wise Biz Marketing Newsletter's June 14, 2008 Edition.

Thank you for your continuous support and thank you again for reading our monthly updates.

We have some announcements about some activities at our network to keep our fellow dearest readers updated. If you need any help of doing anything like these activities we are running, feel free to ask us to help you. We do our professional consulting services at to help nice people like you succeed in anything they want to achieve.

Please feel free to download and forward those videos we have produced on May and June at the following links:|||||

See some of our Children in Sweden too here and have fun with (small pleasures).

If you feel that, the messages on those videos are strong support us by digging, adding to, stumbling and rating them. Your comments are appreciated too.

We support our cause at the "Squadron of Poets", the "Multicultural Projects", the "Sudanese Music" and the "Wolfenstein 3D" at Cafepress here You can support these activities by taking any action you think necessary to bring our cause to the lights in your area. This is a very active unit in our collective networks.

Are you a professional person? Do you know some professional people that you could do them a favour?

So why not register or tell them to register at the to help yourself and your friends develop their professions to something useful.

Check the Wise Biz Marketing Newsletters' archive at the bottom navigation bar. Thanks.

Do you know that you can use the search tool/box at the top of the Wise Biz Marketing 49 to make some money?

I am here to help you do that and watch your profits drop in. Just ask me HOW! I will have the pleasure to help you, because I simply want you as my best friend. A friend in NEED is a friend INDEED, as you know!

Well, here we are now at the close of our Wise Biz Marketing 49 newsletter. We hope it was interesting.

Yours in Peace,,Love and Global Prosperity

Khalid Osman

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