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Feb 09, 2010
I am Lonely and Desperate for Love Too!
by: Admin

It was 2:30 after midnight here near you. Compare it to that time in Sofia. I got out of bed because I could not sleep, as I feel very lonely and desperate too for that love that does not exist but only in my mind.

Believe me. I never felt sorry because of the way I think of love or because I have not get the right person although I am almost three times your age.

If I was that right person, I will fall just after reading these nice letters and going through this pure feeling that touches the secret ecstasy in me.

You cry for love, but you cry for it to yourself, because you feel lonely, desperate for love and your eagerness could reach that spot of ecstasy, even in your memory. Your passion drives it there very sincerely and you should be happy in spite of these circumstances around you.

The way you wrote your words reveals your passion. Your words touch the magical spot of everybody. If you speak that way too, you will burn someone by love and make him fall for you easily. However, your point is the right one for the right love in the right time.

You should not feel confused. You have the power to control any confusion. You are determinant and well focused. These are best values in your hand and they can encourage any other person in your environment to fall for them.

I could understand this point in the European culture when a girl becomes ashamed because she is not in love with somebody in your age. In other controversial cultures, a girl becomes ashamed if she fall and express her love. Here are two different cultures.

In your culture, a virgin girl at this age is "not ok". In the other culture the girl is "not ok" if she lost virginity.

That is not the point though.

The point is that, you should not lie to friends about that you have not love experiences. You can just say, you have not met the right person yet and that could happen to anybody. The point is that, it is not what others think of you, that counts, but it is what you think of yourself, abilities and goals.

Not everybody has the right judgement to such matter. You have it because you burn yourself in it. You are confident, you have great potential the way you wrote it, and the way you feel it. The right person will fall under this influence eventually. However, to attract such moment to happen keep on what you believe is right and look to the life optimistically.

You have been filled in. However, I am not finished, yet. I will come back to you. Keep in this atmosphere of personality and make sure there is nothing wrong if you still have not a boyfriend.

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Mar 18, 2014
I am also Lonely at 26!
by: Anonymous

I am also lonely although I am 26 years old. My friends always make joke of me being a virgin. I make jokes of them being with every kind of girls on the earth especially when I see many of them are engaged with average girls whom I think are hollow.

I am not concerned of just getting any girl from those who tend to follow every trend of fashion, or trade to wear good, get colored lenses, fix their structures and use every makeup to look good. I have a thought that the much time a girl gives to her body, the much she proves to be hollow.

I was born in this society too and I feel that I don't belong to fake cultures like those I have mentioned about girls getting crazy to get it done, lose virginity and think that they are now good to carry on without having somebody to blame them of innocency.

What is wrong about innocency?

Nothing, of course. So, I am looking for innocent girl and I'll absolutely be proud of her being innocent. Could you feel comfort, if you got to a public bathroom and found it dirty?

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