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Nov 26, 2014
Coupons and Discount Cards!
by: Anonymous

What is the difference between coupons and discount cards?

There is apparently no big difference, or no difference at all, as each of them are made for financial discount, or rebate, whether to purchase a product, or a service. So, each of them achieves two goals: saving money on purchases and achieving more purchases.

However, editorially, the difference could be in the materials you use to produce each of them. It is obvious that discount cards are on cards (solid papers) and coupons are on papers (soft papers).

So, the difference is slightly in the material you use for each. But, you can make printable coupons on cartoons, or semi-cards too.

Strategically, the time for you as a seller is always in to use them, especially when you find out that sales are decreasing in a given season, or come to realize that you may want to use them seasonally to increase sales.

As a buyer, you may be watching through the seasons to get a chance to purchase items at good discount rates at the season of your choice, so you could check off items from your list, every time you get one item at the discount you expected.

The discount as registered normally at big companies reaches 50% off, or buy one get one free, or buy 3 and pay for 2. As sellers have selling strategies, as a buyer you should also have buying strategy, watching out for the seasons, or the items you want to buy at many resources.

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