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Feb 13, 2010
Is this Love that I am feeling?
by: Admin

You should write as stated on the page and before submitting the form clear love requests to get answers to your questions as soon as possible.

The message you have written at the linked page is not well written. Go and read it again. You at least should write it this way.

Note that I am not obliged to go and re-edit your submission. I am only providing a free service here, so respect that and follow the submission guidelines.

Why should I waste time on bad written requests?

Here is the edited version of your letter. Be serious in the future to write good requests before submitting any.

I like a guy a lot. It started 2 years ago. He was in my class in the first year of college. I never noticed him. My friend noticed that he used to keep looking at me. I caught him many times looking at me that way, anyone can say it is special.

Our classes were shuffled and I started missing him. Maybe I even started to feel that I like him. He used to give me signals that he likes me, like staring deep at me and smiling. He was the first to come and talk to me. He started by asking for notes.

We just had one class together and we started sitting next to each other, but still we weren't that comfortable in talking to each other closely. Later, I got his number from a friend and had to text him for some notes.

During the first few days of this relation, I used to text him first and he responded pretty well. Later on, he texted me on his own. We became good friends. Now we don't have any class together, so I hardly see him sometimes in college.

He talks to me well in messages, but not when he would see me in college. He tells me in his messages that he doesn't like anyone. I can't express my feelings to him.

He told me that he doesn't have emotions for anyone else other than his parents. He even told me that he would look at me because he does that usually, I mean as he looks at everyone else, and that means nothing special.

I didn't find it true because I haven't seen him doing it to anyone else other than me. He doesn't show all that he hides towards me. But he is very caring when I'm not feeling well. One day he told me he waits for my message. He told me that he has never said sorry many times to anyone, but only me.

One day he responded during his class and told me he usually doesn't do it, but he responded to me. I'm very confused. He is very frank and honest with me and he said that I'm his good friend. There is nothing else special. I mean things that I feel could be true, such as liking me in a special way.

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Mar 17, 2014
The Guidelines to Write Good!

The guidelines provide good points to write Love Consulting Requests and Submit Good Request to get the best Love Problem Solution.

It is important and easy to follow the guidelines to write short sentences in short paragraphs. In every sentence provide the details. For example, if the sentence started with I love a girl, provide the time that love started and where. Mention also you how old are you both.

When you continue to write about your love in the second paragraph provide information about your job, whether you are a student or a worker, the city of your residence and more similar information about the other person.

When you start the next paragraph about the problem, include as many details as possible about it and provide more detailed information about the persons involved if any, or about the circumstances.

You can also upload pictures from your city, or your work place if you wanted and write where that picture is from.

Very IMportant Note:

Provide your real name, location and email address in the fields on the form. If you wanted your name anonymous, include a note at the end of your request to change it, or give a nick name.

** Read the entry page at Online Love Consulting Services.

** Read the guidelines also at Comment C2 Entries| Full Information| Online Love Consulting|

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