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May 16, 2013
We Like to See You Both Happy!
by: Admin

Toral Panchal, was in one long paragraph. You wrote many sentences wrong and mixed everything, so the request was not clear. You uploaded your picture too. But, we haven't published it. If you wanted it here, use the comment link to request that.

There were so many problems with your request, as you have not write it simple and clear as you could. We have not looked into this problem at the time you submitted it because of the reasons above.

In addition, you have not followed the instructions to write and Submit Good Request at Love Consulting Requests, Online Love Consulting and Online Love Consulting Services.

I personally couldn't understand why many visitors use to write the personal pronounce "I" as "i", although they know that it is wrong!

They never hit a space when they end a sentence, or include commas and semicolons. They also don't write the first letter in new sentences in capital letter, or start words that should be started with capital letters right (i.e., Names of people, states, cities, seas).

Somebody, you also did the mistakes we mentioned above, so we didn't take a serious step to solve your problem. The reason is that, when you ignore the guidelines to submit good request, you indicate that you are not serious and you don't care of the time we take here to solve your problem.

Again, see the terms and the instructions to submit good request. We said clearly that we'll not provide any love consulting on inadequate, improper and short requests, although we may publish them.

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