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Apr 13, 2013
Write Properly When You Request Advices!
by: Admin

Please, read the following Vivek:

You don't have to be genie in English to write good love consulting requests. You should only focus on the problem, write properly good details about everyone involved and everything that has happened. Do not summarize your request.

It is clear that you have missed many details. We said at the main pages that it becomes very difficult to understand your problem, if you summarized it.

However, the fast solution we could provide now is to avoid this girl. Everyone says that he or she cannot live without having the other person. That is not true. It is not the end of the world and you will see that, when you follow the steps below.

Take a break. Engage in some activities concerning your studies, work, or passion, or your family. Think positively that love happens, when everything is compatible between you and the other person. This girl is not the right one, not because someone has taken her virginity, but because she seems playing with your emotions.

Jennifer, locate the solution of your love problem on this page.

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