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Aug 22, 2011
It is Strange to Think this Way in a Conservative Society!
by: Anonymous

Sex is not love. As you knew, some of us could enjoy sex with many women at the same time or at the same period.

Is that love?

No, it is not. It is a desire. Love is not a desire. It is a feeling and (a noble feeling) with different parametric emotional influences. The parameter defines the frequencies of love.

However, the continuation of that kind of love depends on the desire to have sex. Therefore, sex works as a fuel that drives this kind of love.

Considering your Indian society, I could not get it. You know your conservative society. Therefore, I wonder, how this could happen! Your girl might probable have something else she wants. Try to know that.

Most of the love problems we have from India here have different causes and I mean absolutely causes that are different from having sex.

I think it is good to discuss such topic with her and always try to come up with good values to make your life happier and avoid sexual mistakes.

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