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Mar 10, 2014
Write Love Requests in Details!

Neha, your request is brief and you have neglected the guidelines to submit some more details about how old are the persons in this story and other details about the problem, such as when the problems started and why.

Sometimes, it is hard to know the age from the level of school-class you attend. It seems that it was very early to begin loving somebody at the 6th grade. You should have been concentrating on your school duties at that time.

You also have not mentioned the fight and the causes of that fight. I mentioned at the page you used to submit this request that it is necessary to provide details, even the small details could help understanding the problem better.

However, you have got the chance to express your love when you became close friends, but you let it go and accepted him calling you "sister" and you accepted his love to your friend. That is the lesson learned from past-time love experiences.

Since both of you have new love relations and he told you not to text him, there's nothing left for you to do. You should be honest with your lover and develop your current love relationship.

Somebody, we cannot provide consulting based on a request you write in one line. Provide details and write following the requirements we mentioned at the main page.

Cherry, your request is also short and you haven't followed the guidelines to submit full detailed request. However, you discovery comes second. That should be happened before getting engaged and preparing for marriage.

Someone, you also submitted very short request and neglected the guidelines. However, a 3 month love relationship is very short. It seems that he aims for sex. Be careful and cut it short. Your friend seems good, as he didn't asks for sex. Despite all of this, again… submit full information in details to help us see the problem better.

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