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Aug 22, 2011
Repair Your Weakness!

No, you should not stay with James, as he only wants your body, but not your soul. It is possible to learn many useful things involving your life and manners after this love affair and in this age.

As James proved to be honest expressing that he cannot give you anything or support you, he proves also that he just wanted to use you to fulfil his sexual desires. I should say miseries. He is that kind of smart person who wants only to play with weak girls.

That is why he begins to treat you very badly, does not want to chat with you, but just wants to do his stuffs. He knows your weakness and invests it badly. He pretends to read your thoughts because that was his lovemaking strategy to drive women to his bed.

This is one of the sad love stories that you did not hear of it, but you lived it. It proves that you have never loved Willy. Love does not need any tragedy like this. However, other kinds of tragedies could happen. Only strong love could survive them.

Now is the time to think well of your desires and behaviours to be honest with the one that you love, really. Love is not sex and it is not a play. When it happens, it defines common feelings and common interests between two soul mates. Sex comes later, as a fuel to drive this love.

It is not only that the qualifications matter, but also your family and other concerns about good life, as you knew. All of that make the combinations of successful life.

We have a proven myth concerning such happenings. Every thing you did that hurts somebody else will reflect to hurt you the same way. Therefore, we learn from this anticipation formal prevention measures to avoid such occurrences.

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