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May 30, 2011
Do Not Be Afraid of Expressing Love Directly!

Do not be afraid of expressing love directly in good time and with some more intelligent polite touches.

The first thing a person does when he feels love is to think of the best ways to treat this love. Love communication is not a complicated science. Love treatment is easy, only if people keep it simple and so clear.

You could possibly think of ways to express your love by arranging a good time and a good meeting place to tell your girl directly. The moment to tell her your feeling will arrive when you chat with her about something common and when she expresses good feeling.

You need to be creative at that moment and get a sense of flavouring the occasion by polite touches, without intending to make her feel them sexy, but somewhat kind and polite.

Telling your girlfriend indirectly that you love her is not a way to get her attention. You have a hidden feeling that makes you afraid of telling her directly that you love her. You are afraid of her rejection.

Do not be afraid, even if your feeling proves to be true. The best love comes to stay.

She did not want you to understand her wrong as you have mentioned because she consider that you are friends and since you are classmates she has a clear understanding to this relation. She wanted to tell you that do not take her wrong because she gave you her numbers and chatted with you.

Her words also express that, she looks at love from two different angles.

You did not tell me about your cultural backgrounds to understand this phrase ?I should not get any wrong ideas about her?, well. The instructions to submit full details are on the page you used to submit this request. Full details include ages, family standards, economy and cultures.

Girls from (a well-known cultures) say that because they feel love with boys in schools is not real and it aims towards either sex or spending good times with girls.

Any classmates do that and keep their relations on as friends.

However, this could be a good point to start exploring her thoughts about being classmates and friends. Discuss such relevant concepts in such relations and avoid being immature.

Speak about common interests, express your knowledge and things that you love or do care about and ask her for her opinions about such things. Make her feel that you are knowledgeable, sincere, and polite and have great sense of responsibility.

After some days, when you meet regularly to chat about those things and among them of course are your assignments in school, the opportunity to tell her directly will arrive.

The last words you end your love problem solution with express that you react as immature. I deleted them and re-edited your entry.

To be honest, always go to the topic directly, be clear, avoid nags, shouts and control your weakness. When you control your weakness, you control any other relation being that love, simple friendship, or work relationship.

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